January 7, 2010 alan

Hannah & Ali – At Home With…


If you follow this blog regularly you’ll know that pretty much all our engagement sessions are shot outdoors. Hannah & Ali wanted to do things differently and I knew we’d end up with some unique shots of them as a result.

Hannah had the idea of doing the shoot as a “At home with Hannah & Ali” session. Their home is amazing too. They’ve collected so many cool, vintagey items to give the place character and personality. It totally suits them.

We shot their wedding the day before heading to Montreal for Christmas so watch out for that on the blog in a couple of weeks. The wedding was fantastic!

For the photographers out there, these images were all processed using the amazing Totally Rad Actions. Check ’em out.


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Comments (12)

  1. Luan

    Fabulous as always. What a funky house.
    You never told me i could bring my cats to the shoot!!

  2. The best!……..LOVE these images! What inspiration! Great couple and the images really let you into their lives…tell their story….and all the atmosphere is there! Can’t wait to see their wedding pics!

  3. These are my favourite images of yours EVER!!! Adore them all. I think we need to do an “at home with the Quinton/Lewandowskis” when you come to stay 😉 x

  4. Anni

    These are just stunning! I’m doing my frst pre-wedding shoot tomorrow… you’re a total inspiration!

  5. these are great what an awesome couple….there wedding should be sweeeett.
    if you need a 2nd shooter for these cool cats hit me up

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