April 9, 2009 alan

Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan is a legendary Punjabi singer and many consider him to represent the heart of Punjab. He has recorded almost 30 albums! This weekend he will pack out the huge LG Arena in Birmingham but on Tuesday I met him in the Presidential Suite of the Radisson Hotel to take some portraits to accompany an interview in Live 24-Seven Magazine.

Mr Maan was an absolute gentleman and, although I only got a short amount of time with him, I like the relaxed nature of the portraits here.

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  1. Harman

    Hats off to your lens and skills. Amazing photography! You are lucky enough to be with the legend….Whole punjabi community is proud of this man. It’s sad that i dont have the translations of his poetry to put across you, he teaches real art of living…irrespective of religions,sex and other social issues people spend life running and quarreling around.

    Real pleasure to see enjoy your work. God willing you will reach many heights.good luck!

  2. lovedeep

    it is awsm, the in photographs is legend. one of best photo of Mr. gudas maan. thnx steve.

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