January 22, 2009 alan

Greetings From Jakarta

So I’m writing to you today from the room of my hotel in the fantastic city of Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m here, not on a photography job, but to DJ three gigs in clubs here in Java and over on the beautiful island of Bali. The first gig is tomorrow night at X2 which looks very glam. I then have a week off to enjoy some sunshine and hospitality (the guys here know how to play the hosts!) before my next gig in Sanur and then the final show in Jogja.

It’s been a long time since I DJ’d in the big house clubs so I’m a little nervous but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Last time I played in Jakarta was one of the most amazing nights ever! I feel a bit guilty being out here while Evelyne and Elliott are stuck back in chilly England though I have to say!

The flight over, via Dubai, was fine. Emirates is one of my fave airlines so I got comfortable and watched Hancock (dumb) and Juno (fantastic) as well as catching up on a little reading. I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoy the long flights (this was about 15 hours altogether). On the flight from Dubai to Jakarta I was sat next to a girl who had pretty nasty BO but that was my only complaint. On the return flight I have used some air miles to upgrade to business class where I’m told people generally smell much better 🙂

Here’s the view from my room..

And here’s my home for the next couple of nights..

And say hi to Alung… One of the nicest people you could hope to meet and my host for my stay in Indonesia.

Obviously I have my camera with me so will hopefully get chance to get out in amongst it and post some stuff here for your viewing delight.

Terima kasih 🙂

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  1. Ian

    What do you mean your a little nervous,How many times can you re-mix The Birdy song and Agadoo? ha ha.Have a good time.

  2. Hi Steve,

    hope you have a great time in Indonesia. Were gutted that we won’t be able to drop in and see you play. Looks like your accommodation is a bit smarter than where we currently are in Myanmar . . . Bamboo shack anyone?

    Si & Liz

  3. DJ Deny

    It’s very nice to have again in Jakarta. The night at X2 was awesome..i really like your set, it was blended between the old classic prog with the new advanced, and rich sounds of today’s prog and i’m honored to have a chance to be your warm up dj (again) (^^,)

    The Stadium’s gig in the morning after X2 was even more than average and personally it was more darker,groovier and energetic than the X2’set which it was whacked me down (again)..

    So, hopefully your Jogja and Bali’s gigs are happening as well..To bad that i can’t acompany you there mate (^0^)

    Enjoy your holiday Steve..


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