August 1, 2007 alan

Google Gaga

Ok, so here’s a quandry.. Type the phrase “Birmingham Wedding Photographer” into the almighty Google and Steve Gerrard Photography appears somewhere around the bottom of the third page which, we all know, nobody will ever get to when searching the web. Of course, there is a Birmingham in Alabama, USA so narrow the search to the UK and… errrr… our site disappears off the chart altogether! Go figure, as they might possibly say in Alabama.
Our site seems to be appearing more often in the Google listings and, at the end of the day, we’re a very new business/website so maybe these things do take time. I remain baffled by how he whole Google thing works though and I guess that’s the way it should be. If we knew how it worked, we’d all be doing whatever it takes to get to No.1 in the Google searches rather than concentrating on our business.
Business, by the way, is good, I know you were wondering. Today was a chaotic but fruitful day and, although I never got to see Evelyne and Elliott for more than half an hour, it’s been fun. I awoke thinking I had a day free to catch up on Photoshop work, or maybe enjoying the summer which seems to finally be here for a few days. By 10am I’d taken two bookings to shoot a restaurant and some horse event at Stoneleigh Park. The “horse event” turned out to be a shoot with Pat & Linda Parelli, two world champions in the art of horsemanship who have their own show at the Birmingham NEC this weekend. I got to witness some amazing and quite beautiful interactions between them and their horses which had been flown in from the US for the show. And hopefully I have some great photos for Live 24-Seven magazine. It was an absolute pleasure to see these two talented people at work.
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Tonight I sat down with Amy & Mark to discuss the final requirements for their wedding album. They’ve ordered over 160 images for the finished album and the final result will be stunning. I’m excited to start designing it next week. They’re a great couple who we’ll hopefully stay in touch with. They even bought a card and present for the baby. It’s couples like Amy & Mark that make my job even more enjoyable. Last night I met another great couple, Laura & Anthony, who get married next July. They confirmed us as their photographers today and I’m really pleased because we hit it off immediately. Laura will make a stunning bride too.

Jeff Ascough sent over his Actions package and I’ve loved playing around with the many options. His Actions are mostly for black & white images really but are very detailed and make for some stunning effects. Instead of trying them on wedding images, I started out playing with some band photos that I took a few months ago. I’m really pleased with the results and so are the bands in question.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So all this talk about sleepless nights finally hit home somewhat last night when Elliott woke up at 4:30am and was wide awake for at least an hour. I tried to keep him quiet whle Evelyne slept but he wasn’t having any of it and eventually Evelyne was forced to wake up and be a mom! I tried! Still, I know we’ve had it easier than many parents so far. He does sleep well most nights and, on the whole, life hasn’t changed too much. We have made time for the family this week though, spending the day with friends yesterday and tomorrow we’re off back to Chester to introduce Elliott to more of my family. I need to get more photos of him on his own before he starts growing…

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