July 7, 2007 alan

Global Cooling

Ok, I’ve had enough now! I can kinda deal with a bit of bad weather in the summertime. I just raise my eyebrows, make a joke about it and find something interesting to do indoors instead. But seriously.. it’s July and I feel like I’m still waiting for summer to begin. In 2 months it’ll be September and well be starting to see Christmas adverts! … and by then I’ll have a baby!

Evelyne’s friend from Montreal, Maude, arrived to stay for a few days and after a day in Stratford taking in all the Shakespeare stuff, we headed up to my home town of Chester to show Maude the delights of Roman and Tudor architecture. We had lunch in a pub which has more history than Canada itself, having been built in 1662, housing one of Chester’s famous ghosts and being the birthplace of John Lennon’s grandma! Oh, and it does great fish & chips!
But as good as the day was (we also visited my nan and popped into the pub where my brother spends most of his days) the continous rain liteally put a dampener on things. Chester is a fantastic city but it does really come alive in the sunshine.
I’m starting to wonder what happened to Global Warming…

While in Chester we popped into Dave Williams Photography studio in the city centre. Being fairly new to the game of wedding and portrait photography I’m always curious to see how other people do things, especially when they have their own studio space and shopfronts to help advertise their work. I also dream of the day when Evelyne and I can have something similar where people can visit us, view the work and browse through albums. I have the whole thing planned in my head, right down to the kind of sofas and the type of coffee we’d have, and I’m sure one day the dream will become reality. Dave’s studio/shop was pretty compact but he’d used the space well and had a good collection of work on the walls. It’s not the kind of stuff we do though and is more in the traditional portraiture mould. Dave and his assistant Leah were really friendly and happy to chat about what they do and they seem to be doing well. He’s photographed over 700 weddings now which is pretty amazing. I gave him my website details and when we got home I had a really nice email saying “you have two new fans”.
I think opening our own studio/shop is a long way off yet but I always lke to have something to work towards. At the moment our main aim is to book good quality weddings in on every weekend if possible and we’re doing well. But after a year setting up the business we’re still playing catch up with our finances and have more important things to think about than luxuries like studios etc. We have a wedding to pay for ourselves in October, plus the small matter of a baby being due in 2 weeks!

This week has also been a bit of a week for music legends. On Wednesday I got to shoot the Satellite Party gig at Academy 2, featuring Nuno Bettencourt and the one and only Perry Farrell. I’ve been a Jane’s Addiction fan for 20 years so for me this was a huge honour. Not only that but I was the only photographer! The gig itself was one of those when you know that you’re witnessing something truly special that you’ll remember when you’re old. Perry was in his element and seemed to be having more fun in this tiny club show than when I’ve seen Jane’s headline massive events such as Lollapalooza. They paid tribute to “the home of hard rock” and finished the set with a majestic version of “Whole Lotta Love”. Briliant!
Then this weekend we head down to Wembley Stadium for Metallica’s massive gig on Sunday. I have to photograph all 4 bands AND write the review for Rock Sound. I’ve never pretended to be a journalist so I’m surprised they’ve asked me to review it but maybe they’ll edit the hell out of it before it makes it to the magazine. We’ll see…
Oh, and speaking of magazines, NME actually printed a photo of me in this week’s issue. I’m not sure they even knew it was me sitting next to the singer from Dragonette though!

The other legend of the week was Mr Ozzy Osbourne who played a homecoming gig tonight at the NIA. Unfortunately my photo pass request was apparently “too late” and so I never got to shoot the gig. Frustrating to say the least. Some PR companies have stupid rules that you don’t find out about til it’s too late. Hopefully I’ll catch up with Ozzy another time…

I caught up with another old friend on Saturday night in the form of James Zabiela who was playing at Air with Nic Fanciulli. James and I started out DJing at almost the same time and he’s gone on to be one of the world’s top DJs which is great to see. He’s a talented little bastard and super-nice so he deserves everything that comes his way. It was good to hear some decent music in the main room at Air too, so I stuck around longer than expected. By the time I got home the birds were singing.
It kinda made me miss DJing a bit. I’ve backed off from it to a large extent to concentrate on things at home. I’m 110% loving the photography and now that I have a family at home I don’t have quite as much of a bug to travel all the time. But connecting to a large crowd of people who are totally into your music is a great feeling and I absolutely enjoy jumping on a plane every now and then to play in somewhere like Jakarta or Argentina.

Also on Saturday night I found out that 2 of my best frends who have been married for ten years are getting divorced. Two days later another couple of friends announced they’d split up and they’d also been together ten years. Both were couples who seemed perfect together so it’s a big shock. They were all invited to our wedding too but now it looks like none of them will be joining us! 🙁 I just hope that in ten years time Evelyne and I are better than ever. She’s suffering a bit now with her huge bump – not sleeping well, struggling to walk too far etc. I think she hopes the baby comes early but everyone says it’ll probably be late. Watch this space…

I’m realising while I write this that, even though I feel like things haven’t been quite so hectic, this week has been another packed 7 days. We’ve had 2 more weddings booked in and even turned one down as we’re already booked! I’ve added a couple of slideshows to the Steve Gerrard Photography site which I think work quite well, and since then we’ve had even more enquiries which is great. My one wish is that the site would jump up he Google listings a bit. I think that just takes time though. I’ve never been the most patient fellow…

For those that like their music to grab them by the throat and throw them against the wall, check out Unholy’s new album. I’ve been playing it repeatedly in the car and can’t wait to catch them live.

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