April 28, 2010 alan

Germaine & Patrick – A Pre-Wedding Shoot in London



When you get the chance to shoot two super-cool people who want to spend the day zipping around London making photos, you know you’re in for a fun day.

When Germaine showed up wearing this gorgeous dress I knew the day just got better!

Germaine & Patrick opted to split their pre-wedding shoot into two parts. Firstly, they’d wear their wedding outfits before later on changing into more casual (but still uber-cool) outfits. They get married in Hong kong later in the year and I know they’ll have a spectacular wedding.

We had such a great day with them and I have a lot of images to share with you so get comfortable.

Thanks to the amazing Emma Case for helping me out on the shoot too.


Spot the squirrel!


With a little help from Rankin


Germaine 4 Patrick


BIG thanks to Germaine & Patrick for asking us to do this shoot. You guys rocked it!

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Comments (16)

  1. These are fantastic Steve. Great couple and I love the change of mood between the wedding shoot and the casual clothes.

  2. These are an amazing series of images Steve and what a very very cool couple.

    Looks like you all had a real blast – nice one!!!

  3. Germaine

    BIG THANKS to Steve and Emma. They are great people, so talented, so generous, so kind, so much FUN!
    Engagement photos can’t get better than this!!! 😀

    btw, I can’t spot the squirrel too!

  4. Nicola

    Absolutely brilliant!!! The houses of parliament shot is stunning! In fact they all are!

  5. Maria

    Gosh, these pre-wedding photos are the best photos I’ve ever seen in my life.. Amazing and awesome!

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