November 10, 2008 alan

Fruit Picking With Elliott

Being so busy with the business means we value our family days off more than ever and always try to find something fun to do. Now that Elliott’s able to run around a little it opens up a few more options of places to visit which is great. Clive’s Fruit Farm is a great little farm where you can pick your own fruit, meet the farm animals, play in the playground, buy fresh fruit and veg (and home-made jam) and even drive without a license! 🙂

Elliott loved running around exploring but never got to try out Clive’s Wobblejuice Cider!

Off to pick some apples…

After all that effort picking apples we stopped to enjoy the fruits of our labour 🙂

Errr… we didn’t pick all those but Elliott was happy to share!

Then it was off to introduce ourselves to the local farm animals and for Elliott to drive his first tractor…

I think he likes driving!

.. but he didn’t know how to reverse 🙂

The real tractors aren’t nearly as much fun.

Cute photo but about 2 seconds later Elliott got his finger pecked!

We finished off by checking out the pumpkins and treating Elliott to a (very messy) ladybird lollypop.

We went home with lots of apples (the people at the farm even gave us some great recipes to try), some fresh pasta sauce and plenty of great photos (of course).

Now.. where shall we go for the next day off?

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  1. Lena Nammour


    Elliott honestly has to be one of the most beautiful kids i’ve ever seen!!! your pictures are amazing too! congrats to all the good stuff going on for you guys, you deserve it!


  2. These are such adorable photos, how wonderful to know you’ll have these fantastic memories to share with your little boy forever!

    Great spot for a day out as well, looks like lots of fun was had by all!

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