July 24, 2007 alan

Fresh Blood

The “monsoon wedding” amazingly ended up having fantastic weather and it all went swimmingly. I was there from 10am til midnight and came home with tons of great images which I can’t wait to go through. Asian weddings put your traditional English church wedding to shame in many ways, and the traditions, colours and ceremony of the event are a photographer’s dream. The finished album will look gorgeous! It was a long day though and by the end I was aching all over but I loved every minute.

Since then I’ve met with 3 more couples looking for a wedding photographer. We seem to be getting plenty of enquiries now and all 3 couples seemed really interested in booking us but we’ll see what happens. They were all really nice people too and it always makes for a more enjoyable experience if you get on with the clients. Fingers crossed…

Today met up with Cat from 4 Talent, part of the Channel 4 group, who is organising a competition for upcoming music photographers. They’re looking for entrants to submit their best live concert images and are working on some great prizes for the winner. They’ve asked me to be one of the judges and Cat and I had a a good chat about ideas for the competition. It’ll be really interesting to see what the standard is and I’ll be doing my best to spread the word amongst photographers. Lots of photographers contact me through MySpace or just through email asking for advice and tips regarding breaking into the business. Everybody seems to want to work for NME and some even seem to think that they could make a career just working for one mag. Yeah right! I certainly don’t pretend to know everything about music photography anyway and every day’s a school day but the standard of images from people varies greatly and sometimes I get shown photographs which are just very very bad!

Here’s an email I received tonight..
“Just wanted to say I love the wedding photos I have seen on the net and wish one day to see you at work. I am not getting married and do the odd wedding shoot myself but inspire to do more some day. I only live 15 houses down the road from your self and will be looking out for you in the future.”

Makes me wanna tidy my front garden!

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  1. megan

    that email sounds awesome.
    Tidy your lawn? you gotta make it intense. Gnomes and pink flamingos, random christmas lights, the works.

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