March 20, 2007 alan

Four Seasons In One Day

Great news!!!!
Evelyne had her resident visa approved so she can stay in the UK and work (if she wants to!). It’s a relief and means she can come home next week without any problems. Phew! I’m already missing her a lot but at least now I know I will definitely be seeing her next week.

Yesterday battled the “4 seasons in one day” British weather and did a photo shoot for a band called Planetman (featuring a couple of good fiends of mine) prior to their gig at the Roadhouse. Luckily the weather took a break from the snow and hail and we got some great shots.
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I then stuck around to shoot the gig, staying on to shoot headliners Fade To Sepia who I’d done some press shots for a while back. It was a good gig even though it was full of kids. Still, keeps them off the street eh?

Wasted a bit of time today creating my own Fantasy Festival…
Come to my Fantasy Festival
Or create your own

I’d add another hundred bands if I could really. Still, it looks like I might actually get a chance to see Led Zep next year as rumour has it they’re reforming for a world tour. It’ll be a dream come true if I get to shoot one of those gigs!

Night off tonight. First in over a week. Looking forward to crashing in front of the TV and watching a few episodes of Rescue Me…

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