March 14, 2011 Steve Gerrard

For Japan. {Prints For Sale}

Following the shocking and devastating events in Japan over the past few days I wondered how I could help more than sending money to the Red Cross, which I’ve done.

I can offer something which is worth something to people but actually costs fairly little to produce, hence raising money for those that need it. Photographs.

I’m selling the photographs below as high quality 10×8 or 10×7 limited edition prints (size depending on the photo chosen). ALL PROFITS WILL GO STRAIGHT TO THE RED CROSS JAPAN TSUNAMI APPEAL.

Prints are £20 each. Larger size prints are available on request.

If you, or somebody you know, would like a print simply use the Paypal button below the photo you’d like to order.

If you’d rather not purchase a print, please do donate whatever you can to the Red Cross through their website HERE

Thank you.



Biffy Clyro
Dave Matthews Band



Justin Bieber

Nine Inch Nails

The Prodigy

Paul Weller

Florence & The Machine

Jay Z

Kings Of Leon


Broadway Tower

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  1. Bianca

    Brilliant idea Steve.

    Good luck, I hope you raise lots of money for a well deserving cause 🙂 x

  2. Excellent idea Steve, and one that I will endeavor to recreate with some landscapes on my own website….well done, and hope it is a great success.

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