October 18, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Film Is Not Dead Workshop – Ibiza

Hopefully, as a photographer, I’ll never stop learning and pushing myself to improve. This year I’ve been lucky enough to attend workshops from some of my favourite wedding photographers, Jeff Newsom, Fer Juaristi… but last month I attended a workshop dedicated entirely to shooting film…. Film Is Not Dead.

The man behind the FIND workshop is the larger than life character that is Jonathan Canlas. Evelyne and I first met Jon when we modelled for his London workshop in 2011. He’s such an easy going, fun guy and he made some of our favourite ever photos of ourselves that I knew I needed to attend one of his workshops for myself. Even though I only shoot film for fun. I had no plans to move to film for my professional work but I knew I’d be inspired and could adapt what I learned to my work with DSLRs. So when Jon announced a 3-day workshop on the Spanish island of Ibiza I didn’t hesitate…

Evelyne and I headed to Ibiza the day after her birthday. The first time we’d been overseas together, without the kids, in over 5 years!

The workshop was far more than I ever imagined. I enjoyed shooting film way more than I expected but also found myself being inspired in so many other areas, from marketing and sales to forcing myself to think harder about composition, posing and the connections between people.

Add to that the truly amazing group of attendees on the workshop, every one of them a superb photographer in their own right. Fun was most definitely had.

But all that may have been dampened if, when the images came back from the lab, I wasn’t happy with the results.

I got them back. I’m pretty happy….

Thanks to Jon Canlas for a magnificent workshop in a beautiful location. Thanks to everyone who stood in front of my camera. And thanks to Evelyne for letting me do the workshop in the first place! It was a very worthwhile investment.

So, here are a selection of my favourite images from Ibiza. All on film. All unedited in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.

Film, my friends, is not dead 🙂

Shot on Kodak Portra 160, 400 & 800 and Kodak E100VS.

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Comments (14)

  1. Beautiful images Steve. I started out on film and I never shot colour… only black and white. But film colour can be amazing. I must shoot more film! Looks like a cool workshop too. x

  2. These are so stunning, and that shot with the dog and the reflected couple is just inspired. Just wish film wasn’t so damn expensive to have scanned!

  3. Tim

    Wow, love love these. Don’t think you can replicate that look with any amount of PP. I’m adding a few rolls of film to wedding work but don’t think I’ll be switching 100% film weddings any time soon. Gutted – wanted to attend that workshop. Looks like it was a blast. Was this with the Mamiya RZ you bought?

  4. Great set of images. Love the reflection of the couple with the dog. Suspect it was an anxious time waiting for the prints.

  5. That looks like such an ace workshop. These pics are fab. Loving the light feel to them and the great colours. Bet you’re really chuffed with ’em. x

  6. These are great Steve and it’s interesting to hear about your motivation for the course and what you got out of it.

    I am so so excited about Norfolk FIND 2013! WAAAAAA. And breathe.

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