Wedding FAQ

"I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you’re on it..." – Johnny Depp


Where are you based?

I live in Montreal, Canada but I’m originally from the UK. I shoot all over the world but most regularly in Canada and the UK.

How much do you charge for travel for UK weddings?

Zero pounds. I’m back in the UK all the time anyway, plus I get to see my mom, hang with my mates, go to a decent pub and stock up on M&S tea.

Can we drop a few hours from our package to save some cash?

I prefer to stay for the whole day and photograph the wedding in full so that all your images really tell the story of the day. And I hate missing the bad dancing and general messiness of the evening party. I don’t charge by the hour so cutting hours won’t save you any money anyway.

What about if we pay cash?

I’m still gonna pay my taxes like a good boy so paying cash is fine but won’t save you any money I’m afraid.

Do we need a second photographer?

You probably don’t NEED one but there are certain advantages if you do have two photographers. I can’t be in two places at once (I’m working on that) so if you want photos of the boys and the girls getting ready in two locations, a second photographer is a definite bonus. With 2 photographers you’ll get two viewpoints on things like the ceremony & speeches and you’ll have more photos of your guests when you’re busy doing other stuff like family photos and the couple portraits. And, of course, you’ll end up with a lot more photos after the wedding.
A second photographer may be extra useful for weddings with a large number of guests too.

Do you take any family group photos?

Of course. I think these are important pictures but I suggest limiting group shots to maybe 5 or 6 groups so that we can do these quickly and not interrupt the day for more than 15 minutes or so. I almost always do one group shot of the couple with all the wedding guests together.

How long do you stay on the wedding day?

As long as you let me! In other words, from the getting ready stage to the drunk-on-the-dancefloor stage. After midnight, extra charges will apply.

Where will you travel to shoot a wedding?

Anywhere… Except for North Korea and Beirut. Actually, Beirut’s fine too.
I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings in Iceland, the US, Thailand, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Mexico, the UK and Canada.
For destination weddings (excluding the UK) I just ask that travel expenses and accommodation are covered. For UK weddings I may ask that 2 nights accommodation is covered.

When can we see our pictures?

Your wedding photos are usually ready to view 6-8 weeks after the wedding. A slideshow of the best images will be set to music and available to watch online. I will then put your online gallery up with all the finished images where you can download the files and order high-quality prints to frame around the house.

Will we get every photo you take on the wedding day?

In a word, no. I will take a large number of photos which will be edited down to the final selection I deliver to you. Repetition, missed focus and unflattering facial expressions are amongst the reasons photos may miss the cut. The important thing is that anything worth delivering, you will get and photos are never held back for the sake of numbers.

Can we make prints from the hi-res files?

Absolutely! All the photos you receive are hi-res, edited and ready to print. I can give you a list of places I recommend for quality printing.

Who owns the copyright to our wedding photos?

I own the copyright but you have permission to print and share all your photos. This means I can use the images for my website, marketing, etc but you are free to print, email and upload to Facebook at your leisure.

What kind of albums do you offer?

Our albums are hand-made to order Vision Art. We love their beautiful, modern albums and you will too.
You choose the images you’d like for the album and then I’ll send you a proof of the layout before we order a gorgeous album for you. More info RIGHT HERE.

How many pictures can we have in the album?

As many as you like! The most we’ve had in one album is 171 images!

Where can we go for our engagement shoot?

Almost anywhere. I like to shoot somewhere different and a place that means something to you but I can also suggest places if you’re happy to go with my ideas. For certain locations, I may ask for travel expenses to be covered.

What do we do with the images from our engagement shoot?

Many people have a bespoke book made for guests to sign on the wedding day, or perhaps have a print framed for signing. Others have used a framed print as gifts for parents or had a canvas for their own home. Some just like having better Facebook profile photos than their friends!

Do you have a web gallery for friends and family to purchase prints after the day?

Yep. All the images will be put into your personal online gallery where your friends and relatives can view them and order prints or download their favourite photos. We’re more than happy to send prints anywhere in the world.

How long do you keep the files?

We are legally responsible for your images for 12 months from the wedding date. Although we have never deleted a wedding yet.

What cameras do you use?

Big black heavy expensive ones with lots of lovely round glass attached.

Can you recommend a great videographer/band/florist…?

Yep. Contact us with anything you’re struggling to find.

How far in advance of the wedding do we need to book you?

Certain dates are more popular than others and it’s always best to secure your photographer as early as you can. Bookings can be taken up to 3 years before the wedding date but it’s not out of the question for me to accept a booking with just a few days’ notice.

Do you require a deposit for bookings?

Yep. For weddings, a 50% retainer is requested to secure that all-important date, with the balance of the fee payable 2 months before the wedding.

Do you just shoot weddings?

I actually started out as a music photographer and still photograph bands on an almost weekly basis. I also shoot a lot of family portraits, the occasional proposal and editorial portraits. I like photographing people.

Are you fully insured?

Absolutely. I have public liability and professional indemnity insurances. I can provide copies of these certificates if required.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

Send me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

Can we see what some of your previous clients have said?

Go on then…

“Steve, I honestly am lost for words. Those pictures are perfect. You are king of the world! I am beyond happy. We absolutely bloody love them!”

“We know a few professional photographers who were initially upset that we didn’t ask them to capture our day. They were only upset until they saw the images Steve captured, then even they admitted that the guy is on a completely different level to the vast majority of photographers and they aspire to one day be that good.Can’t thank you enough, we’re overwhelmed honestly, awesome.”

“After the wedding and all the fun is over, you’re left with your memories and your photos. My husband and I still say that Steve was by far the best money we spent on our wedding. He captured the best photos in such a great way. We really enjoyed having him at our wedding – top marks for a top man!”

“As a wedding photographer myself, Steve was always who I wanted to photograph our wedding. His friendly, approachable demeanour, coupled with a complete command of a truly unique array of photographic technique, we’re the perfect match for us. In a word, awesome.”

“Steve made us feel so relaxed and at ease. He listened to us and captured the style that we were after. The photos are a work of art and completely different to the usual posed wedding photographs you normally get. I loved the mix of urban style.”

“We loved Steve from day one, his style was exactly what we were looking for. Both my wife and I got on with him immediately and new we would be perfectly relaxed around him which was important for me as I am not used to having my photo taken. The engagement photo shoot prior to the wedding, genius!”

“Steve & Evelyne have become friends!! They are amazing & from the minute we met, we knew that they ‘got’ us!! They were very understanding when we had to postpone due to falling pregnant. On the day Steve just felt like a friend at our wedding & captured everything perfectly!! x”

“Can’t fault the service we received, from booking right through to seeing our photos. Steve was always very approachable and lead us through the process. The final photos look like they’re straight from a wedding brochure – we really can’t say enough how great they look and how happy we are!”

“Steve is really fun & easy to work with, he’ll make any photo shoot feel relaxed & just like you’re hanging out with a mate. He’s really clear on what he wants & communicates this well but is also really flexible & spontaneous which adds to the fun & make the finished photos all the better.”

“When my mother became terminally ill and all other suppliers were telling us if we had to cancel or move the date we would lose our deposit, Steve was the ONLY one who understood the circumstance and said it wouldn’t be a problem and he would be there to photograph our wedding on any date. Great guy”

“Steve is amazing! He really gets to know you and finds the perfect spots to get the photos YOU really want. His team are very approachable and were so helpful. We had so many lovely comments from guests about Steve on and after our day. He really spent time taking amazing shots for everyone!”

“Our photos exceeded all (high!) expectations & we’re utterly blown away every time we look at them – they’re innovative, imaginative, creative, technically perfect, full of energy & radiate emotion. Steve is discreet, cool, great with people & ON IT. No one else could possibly have fitted in better.”

“Steve was brilliant from start to finish, made us feel at totally comfortable. Photos were just as we wanted, he managed to capture the day beautifully.”

“Steve was brilliant and the photos were everything we could have hoped for. He worked so hard and captured everything. He is super friendly and chilled and is a true gent who put me at ease. I hate photos of myself but he made me look good – I love our photos and can’t stop looking at them.”

“Steve captured the mood and feel of our wedding with ease and humour. We all felt relaxed and under no pressure throughout the entire day yet we ended up with amazingly beautiful and intricate pictures. Steve captured everything (even things I missed) He was amazing.”

“Wed met photographers prior to Steve and felt that their work was staged and not personal. We fell in love not only with his unique and individual style but he himself! His ability to become part of the wedding was second to none and all our guests raved about how wonderful he was. He needs no word”

“The pictures exceeded our expectations! Steve didn’t miss a thing, and it was so much fun having him around, we are still getting so many compliments from our guests and 8 people have already asked for his details for their various functions!”

“Wedding photographs are very same-same. Steve puts so much passion and artistry into his photographs that most photographers don’t understand. He brings out the theme of the weddings in his photos, all the while staying true to the emotion and wishes of the clients.”

“Steve is a very competent photographer, but he manages to put the most nervous person at ease whilst he takes their photos. He works efficiently but quickly, to capture the moments perhaps others would miss. His eye for an unusual shot is unerring and the finished photos are quite simply stunning!”

“Steve was ace!!”

“Steve was courteous, patient and caring in our meetings leading up to the wedding and was comprehensive , creative and lively in the coverage of both our pre-wedding engagement photo-shoot and the wedding day. All our family and friends really enjoyed his photos and the album he designed and produced”

“Steve was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. We were certainly not the easiest of clients for him but he was the consummate professional who blended into the fabric of the wedding to produce some stunning shots. We really couldn’t ask for much more #weddingtestino”

“Steve was everything we dreamt of and much more not to mention a pleasure to work with and now a good friend. We will always keep in touch with Steve and his family because he got us straight away.”

“Steve was so wonderful on our wedding day, he felt like a guest, completely unobtrusive and we still got THE most amazing photos. Everybody has said what great photos he took. I never thought I could feel so at ease with having my photo taken.”

“Steve’s portfolio was fab and we loved the variety of different shots he got, as well as the stunning quality of his photos. He knew our venue and how to get the best out of not only the location but two photo shy subjects! Fantastic second shooters and engagement shoot too.”

“Steve is truly professional in his work but also friendly and relaxed. Going to see our photos after the wedding was like going to catch up with a friend! And what a set of photos, they are all that we hoped for. He is a talented and highly skilled photographer and I would recommend him to anybody!”

“Steve not only made magic with his camera, he also performed magic throughout the day, making several guests disappear for over an hour, turned all the water into champagne and made the groom’s grandma hover in mid-air during the family photos”

Are all those quotes made up?

Only one of them 😉

“We cannot recommend Steve highly enough! He captured fantastic pictures that perfectly represent our personalities and style. His relaxed nature put both us and our guests at ease on the day, without any of the stuffiness or formality that I normally associate with ‘wedding photography’.”

“Steve was excellent, very relaxed, helped put us at ease on the day, full of ideas, managed to get creative pictures without really being noticed amongst guests which was great. Felt like we’d made a friend!”

“Steve & Evelyn were so grounded, professional, friendly and open when we first met them. They put no pressure on us to use them and their relaxed demeanour means you feel relaxed from beginning to end, from the engagement shoot to the big day. We liked Steve’s “outside the box” attitude to his pics.”

“Steve was AMAZING. Best photographer ever. EVER”

“I cannot speak highly enough about Steve, from day 1 of meeting him we have been looked after exceptionally well. Steve has gone above and beyond our expectations and I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.”

“Absolutely fantastic photos, Steve melted into the background and was hardly noticed during the day but some great moments were captured”

“Organised , calm , creative team couldn’t fault they captured the whole day beautifully”

“We checked out all award winning photographers in cheshire and the North West , we wanted something different and quirky but to our astonishment all the award winning photographers seemed to be old hat and traditional. this was our personal view , we wasn’t looking for the norm!Then we found Steve;)”

“My husband and I had an elopement-style wedding with just our mothers in attendance as witnesses. Steve was fantastic at covering our day even though there weren’t the traditional elements for him to necessarily capture. We were thrilled with the results and everyone loves the pics!”

“Every thing about working with Steve was amazing. His easy relaxed manner, funky style and eye for detail made us confident that he would compliment our day, capture our precious moments and leave us with an album which would wow our friends and family and stand the test of time. Perfect”

“Steve was very fun to work with, we are very happy to have chosen him as our photographer, he listened to what we wanted and even when the weather didnt allow for the exterior images we asked, he adpated to what he had and made great interior shots capturing the escence of our wedding.”

“Steve is an expert photographer who doesn’t just ‘shoot’ Weddings. His photography is much more creative & having met with other photographers, his approach, creativity & professionalism sets him apart. On the day you didn’t even realise he was there & he captured everything perfectly!”

“From start to finish Steve Gerrard knew what we wanted. His photography is outstanding and we were overwhelmed with the results. Steve was not only the photographer at our wedding but also our guest & new friend. His photography & pictures were truly outstanding – I’m so glad he was part of our day.”

“Steve made two camera-shy science geeks feel at ease and look like style icons. His relaxed, fly-on-the-wall style put our guests at ease and produced distinctive, character-filled images that evoke memories greater than the single moment in time. We hadn’t realised photography could be so powerful.”

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