March 30, 2007 alan

Fake it til you make it..

So my gorgeous wife arrived back in the UK complete with her new visa on Wednesday morning safe & sound and looking more pregnant than when I saw her last. I only got to see her for about an hour before having to dash off to a photo shoot for a designer called Alvin Loy. Alvin has designed for some A-list celebs, including a certain Princess Diana, and I have to say his clothes are damn nice (although I don’t pretend to be any kind of fashion expert).
Speaking of pretending, I have to confess I was somewhat out of my depth on this shoot. I’d been asked to do it by a magazine called Live 24-Seven and agreed to do it in return for some free advertising. I’m used to shooting outside using available light but this shoot was in a casino so I had to visit my mate Tom at Calumet who very kindly let me borrow some studio lighting. On top of that I was working with make-up artists, designers, editors from the magazine and 3 top models (including one who’s just been signed to Gucci), all looking to me to direct and get the images required. The designer himself had brought in fashion magazines to show the kind of shots he was after and I basically spent 6 and a half hours pretending I knew exactly what I was doing!!
In the end, however, the shoot actually went well and we got a great selection of images which the clients all seemed more than happy with. They even asked me if I’d be available to shoot Alvin’s next show in May. It was certainly a good experience and definitely a case of jumping in at the deep end.

It’s good to have Evelyne back. I’ve missed her being around. She brought back a suitcase full of clothes and toys for the baby so we won’t be needing to spend on all that stuff too much for a while. Only 4 months now til he arrives. I’m sure that’ll fly by.

Photographed Damien Rice last night who was great as always but the show wasn’t the same without his vocalist Lisa Hannigan. Damien was forced to sing all her parts now she’s left the group and it just doesn’t work as well. I’ve seen Lisa with him several times and she has this amazing voice which really adds to the songs. Damien was nowhere near as chatty as usual either. Still a great gig though and Evelyne’s first time seeing him live. My photographer mate Lee was there which was good as I stupidly forgot to take a compact flash card with me and had to borrow one from Lee! Doh! He also gave me a live Bronx DVD which I’m looking forward to checking out.

Discovered a great wedding photographer called Yervant thanks to a dvd Tony got for me. He’s based in Melbourne like Jerry Ghionis so there must be something in the Australian water. I love this vibrant, contemporary style of wedding photography. A couple of years ago the idea of shooting weddings would have bored me stupid but seeing what these guys are doing makes it something much more fun, creative and worth persuing. And of course, it can make all the difference financially!

Talking of weddings, I have 2 this weekend. The first is today when my ex-girlfriend Jane gets hitched down in Brighton. We’re still really good friends so Evelyne and I are making a quick trip down south for that, then we shoot Kerry & Martin’s wedding back in Birmingham on Sunday. Let’s hope the Australian influence rubs off on me…

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