September 1, 2007 alan


Forced ourselves to take a day off on Wednesday and rather than sitting in front of the TV we jumped in the car and headed for the beach for a picnic. It was Elliott’s first time seeing the sea, although he probably won’t remember much of it! It was great to escape for the day and the dogs loved it as much as we did. Stopped off at a lovely Welsh pub for a quick pint before watching the sunset.
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Thursday was back to reality and a photo shoot with a family celebrating their little boy’s 1st birthday. Got a few photos from their garden before heading to the park and taking plenty more. The parents had been to Venture before and felt totally ripped off and were looking for something more relaxed and natural. Hopefully they’ll love the images and order a nice big frame or canvas..
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Friday our first proper sample album arrived from GraphiStudio in Italy, featuring our own design and photos from Amy & Mark’s wedding. The album looks amazing! We loved it so much we rushed round to show Amy. It’s gonna be so much better to show potential clients than the old sample album which was just a badly designed album from the studio with other photographer’s work inside.

Last night we spent the evening drinking free wine and schmoozing alongside a few 60s icons at the opening of Karl Ferris’ exhibition. My image of Poppy & the Jezebels looked great up on the wall and someone had already expressed interest in buying it! Remembered to take my camera and like a genius forgot to bring a memory card! Luckily my friend Jenny was on hand with a spare card in her handbag so we managed to get some pictures…
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Here’s the family with 60s legend Donovan..
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Tammy & Dave’s wedding today. The sun is shining so we’re ready to rock n roll…



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