October 14, 2018 Steve Gerrard

Esterel Resort Wedding

Esterel Resort Wedding

Awesome! The pics are amazing. Thank you so much!

Marie-Claude + Dan

Esterel Resort is a wedding venue located on the shore of Lake Dupuis in Quebec and hosts a LOT of weddings every year, often with more than one wedding per day. This was the case on my first visit there for Marie-Claude and Dan’s wedding in August. I admit I was a little concerned that another wedding was taking place not far from where we were but the people at Esterel Resort are so efficient in the running of their events that the other wedding was almost unnoticeable for the entirety of the day. Except for when I first arrived!

After a drive up to this picturesque area of Quebec, I asked the guy at reception to call the bride to check it was ok for me to come to the room to start documenting bridal prep. He made a quick phone call and assured me I was fine to head to the bride’s room. However, after I knocked at her door, she answered looking confused. I’d been sent to the wrong bride! I quickly apologies, headed back to reception and was given the correct room number where I was relieved to find Marie-Claude and her squad of bridesmaids enjoying the preparations in a brightly lit room right on the waterfront. From here on in, the day went smoothly with me covering both bridal prep and Dan and the boys getting ready two floors above.

The outdoor ceremony overlooking the lake was perfect. It’s a pretty amazing backdrop and makes for great wedding photos. There were friends and family members singing and playing instruments, as well as officiating the ceremony, all making the moment feel intimate as well as more significant and emotional.

The grounds of Esterel made for a great place for group shots and the couple portraits and the light coming through the trees was gorgeous. After cocktails on the terrace, we moved inside for the meal, speeches, more music and a jaw-dropping first dance from Marie-Claude and Dan. They even changed outfits first as it was a very athletic performance.

The wedding band, The Fat Cats, was one of the most fun bands I’ve seen since being in Canada. So much personality and great fun.

The most random thing that happened on this wedding day was this: Only 8 days before I’d photographed Kat & Dave’s wedding at Au Chalet en Bois Rond. Coincidentally they were on their mini-moon and staying at Esterel Resort on the same day I was there for Marie- Claude and Dan’s wedding. They saw my InstaStories and we arranged to meet during dinner! 🙂

Big thanks to Marie-Claude and Dan for trusting me to photograph such a fun wedding. It was an absolute pleasure.

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