January 9, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Escape To Wales

We had a great Christmas and New Year but still had a couple of weddings over the holiday period so, once 2012 arrived, we escaped for a few days away to South-west Wales.

We stayed at Bluestone which we loved, but still ventured out to visit our pals Owen & Charis and again to explore Tenby and the local beaches. Good times…

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  1. Charis Warrell

    Yay! Glad you had such a great time & we got to play too. Thanks for joining us for our windy stroll. Looking forward to showing you Pembs in the summer! X

  2. Maude

    Quelles belles photos Steve ! Les paysages sont magnifiques, mais avec tout ce beau monde, ça devient tout simplement splendide. Chanceux, va !

  3. Eve

    Gorgeous.. i bet you don’t need wallpaper in your house, just hundreds of images of your beautiful family 🙂

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