January 2, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Erablière Charbonneau Wedding Photos


I absolutely love photographing weddings at venues like Erablière Charbonneau in Quebec!

Being away from the city in amongst such stunning landscapes seems the perfect way to celebrate a wedding with family and friends.

Anne & Albert were living in England when they first got in touch with me, and we shot their engagement shoot in London while I was over there last summer.

Their wedding was a relaxed and fun day surrounded by their favourite people, lots of great food, plenty of maple syrup and some of the most impressive dancing I’ve seen at any wedding.

The outdoor ceremony, with the backdrop of Mont Saint-Grégoire, was perfection.

More weddings like this please universe!

Thanks to Chris Paine for shooting this one with me.

Check out our best Erablière Charbonneau Wedding photos below:


Érablière de la Montagne was a rented sugar shack for over ten years. It was during this time that the family were bitten by the maple syrup bug and acquired considerable knowledge of the industry. In September 2004, they purchased an old sugar shack, with the dream of turning it into a festive place where the atmosphere would be just as important as the food.

It proved to be a major challenge since neither the buildings nor the grounds had been maintained for several years. But they rolled up their sleeves, got down to work and built an incredible timber and log sugar shack. They also did a major clean-up of the grounds and the mountain, so that guests would be able to walk along the property’s hiking trails.

Érablière Charbonneau is located next to Verger Denis Charbonneau orchard. These family businesses are united not only by the family’s shared expertise but also by their mutual desire to provide the highest quality, whether it’s through customer service, products or food.

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