July 7, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Emily & Stef – Married!

Emily & Stef are some of our best friends.

Some of you reading this will know Emily already as she’s a well known wedding photographer herself, even appearing on Channel 5 recently.

Many of you might know Stef too. He’s a self-confessed ideas man. His motto is “create something every day”, usually something that combines technology and design.

They have three gorgeous kids together. You may remember this little shoot we did when they had just two children.

They were married in a simple register office ceremony on a rainy Thursday morning in June and I was honoured to be asked to photograph the wedding for them. Later that day, after a great lunch in St Albans, we met up again in London for some portraits on the South Bank along with fellow photographers (and lovely people), Owen & Charis. The day was rounded off nicely with dinner and drinks at our new favourite London hotel, Shoreditch House.

Two days later Emily & Stef  had their second (and main) wedding celebration in Sussex. This was a humanist wedding ceremony, my favourite kind but sadly not legal in England. Yet. The day was photographed by one of my favourite photographers, Polly Alexandre, meaning Evelyne & I could attend as guests. We never even took our cameras! Their wedding was perfect. Good times were had by all and we’re so happy we got to be a part of such a fantastic celebration.

Here are a few of my fave images from the first day. Make sure you check out the video at the end!! 🙂

Ok… so you may have seen a video we made of our trip to Devon on THIS POST recently.

Actually, I can’t take any credit for the video. It was all Evelyne‘s handywork. She doesn’t pretend to be a fully fledged videographer at all, but enjoys making videos with our Canon 5DMkII cameras and then editing them in iMovie before sharing them with friends and family. Emily & Stef obviously think she’s pretty good as they asked if she’d be up for making a little video clip from their wedding. Evelyne said she would… and then worried that it wouldn’t be good enough!

Check out Evelyne’s finished video clip here. I reckon she did an amazing job 🙂

Massive congrats to Emily & Stef. Their wedding was unique, fun, beautiful, romantic, kinda windy at times, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

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Comments (22)

  1. Really enjoyed looking through these photos. And Evelyne did a great job capturing the essence of the day, well done both! 🙂

  2. Yeah!! I just love these. Thank you Steve! And Evelyne you know how much we love the video!
    Big love and thanks to both of you xxxx

  3. Lee

    Hey guys, awesome work 🙂 Great film too! You guys kicked some serious ass at this wedding. More please!

  4. Hey! These look great, so colourful & fun. I love the one of them both on the bench together. I know Emily & Stef love London and I’m sure these images will be really treasured.

  5. Congratulations Emily and Stef. I love that you had a humanist ceremony – much admiration for you both there! You both look fantastic on these pics, and boy do I love that dress. xxx

  6. Jo

    Great work Steve, Emily looks absolutely radiant and they both look so happy. Loved Eveylne’s video it bought a tear to my eye, just lovely.

  7. Lisa

    These are fantastic. You have captured them perfectly and that video made me cry. You both did a great job 🙂

  8. These are fab! You have both captured so much of the joy and laughter from the day. I love all the sneaky observational details too! Evelyne, your video made me cry. its perfect. Enjoyed that muchly! x

  9. Just simple simple heart felt wedding full of emotion and the real stuff without all the fluff I love it….. perfectly captured

  10. This is so lovely. Truly romantic! I am really loving Evelyne’s video too I think she has a calling!!! 🙂

  11. So wonderful to see part I of Emily & Stef’s wedding, gotta love these fab shots with the London backdrop! So many smiles all round, and I particularly love the image of them both entering the ceremony room and Emily looks like a little girl full of excitement, so cute! Evelyne did an awesome job of the video *sniff sniff* what a team you guys. xo

  12. Gorgeous video and a beautiful day captured full of love and friends. Look forward to seeing the rest of the 4 day wedding 🙂

  13. Steve and Evelyne – what a team you make!! Fabulous images and Evelyne’s video…made me cry and I have never met Emily and Stef – clearly lovely people and very much in love! Want to see more of Evelyne’s movie making as those I have seen so far….AWESOME!!!

  14. A beautiful day perfectly captured in its simplicity. I get a big grin on my face looking at these images and a bit of a tear in my eye watching Evelyne’s video. Great work guys! x

  15. Hey
    Your pictures are beautiful! I am a contortionist looking for a photographer to take some original photos of me doing contortion. I’m not sure exactly where yet, need an unusual idea.
    Let me know if u r interested.
    Pixie Le Knot

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