July 19, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Elliott’s 6th Birthday – Montreal

We’re currently taking a well earned family holiday in Evelyne’s home town of Montreal.

It’s hot! The day these photos were taken it was heading towards 40 degrees before a late-afternoon thunderstorm cooled things down.

It was Elliott’s 6th birthday on Wednesday and we made the most of the weather by having a pool party/bar-b-q with Evelyne’s family.

I’m so proud of my eldest boy. He’s grown to be a bright, funny, thoughtful kid who loves his football and looks after his little brothers.

I’m in Canada til August and plan to make the most of every day. Montreal is a fantastic city.

A bientôt..

* At least one of these photos taken by Isaac Gerrard (age 4) 🙂

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