May 20, 2010 alan

Elesha & Dan – A Wedding at Moxhull Hall


Now here’s a wedding I’ve been looking forward to blogging… Elesha & Dan.

Such a great couple and their wedding was fantastic. Their friends & family made us feel totally welcome, and Elesha & Dan made our job so easy. It also helped that Elesha looked stunning.

Thanks to the legend that is Tony at Moxhull Hall and the always amazing Anna who was my second shooter on the day.



Let’s play “Spot Natalie Bartram


Moxhull Hall never lets us down.


Think I’d better watch out for the competition!


Dan got his girl 🙂


errr… Wow!


Seriously one of our favourite couples ever! This wedding was EPIC (copyright Rock N Roll Bride)


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  1. Marie Chapman

    These photos are ace!!!
    Completely captures your day, and what a great day you had!

    You both look fab!

    Congrtaulations again Mr & Mrs B

  2. Westie

    Great photos you both look great. It was a brill day

    must say your best man looks very handsome too

    Ha ha

  3. ian hick

    Great pics
    Great day
    Great couple
    Great barrier reef

    Sorry got carried away with the Great motif,but they are GREAT pics!especially the last one! i wonder who took that!!!

  4. Canadian Cousin Em

    You are both great people but together…nothing can stop you!

    Thank you for sharing this blog. Even though the photos are fab, unfortunately they don’t make up for us not being there to share your special day.

    Couldn’t you photoshop us into the group shot ha-ha

    Love The Canadians xxxx

  5. Elesha B

    Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone 🙂

    Fab pictures Steve – lots of my favourites on here, how the heck are we meant to choose for the album?!

  6. Auntie Diane

    Well what can i say what a wonderfull beautifull bride & the chance to go to a fantastic wedding & we missed it guest are still talking about it now & still will be on your 25th anniversary you look stunning cant wait to see the alburn glad you had such a good photograpy at least ive seen something of the special day it will never be forgotton xx I agree with Em the canadian we will be able to wear the posh frocks we had ready xxx

  7. Jane(mother of the bride)

    i`m still on cloudnine and like elesha finding it really hard to choose from such wonderful photo`s Steve your a star xxx

  8. Paula

    Fantastic photographs of a fantastic day, thank you for letting me share it with you . love & hugs Paula xx

  9. Elesha

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think Dan looks alot like Al Murray on these haha 🙂

  10. jt (brother of bride)

    superd day captured brilliantly, stunning and quality

  11. Stu

    Superb photo’s, they could’nt get any better.

    Reliving the day again just looking at them 🙂

  12. Little Jo :-)

    All the pics are beautiful, glad I haven’t got to choose from them (love the one with “My” kiss on!!)

    Love you both loads and are so happy you shared the wonderful day with us!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Beautiful photos lassie. Very beautiful infact.

    I hope you both will be very happy and only regret not being there to see you both.

    Boing Boing.

  14. cassie

    Very very gorgeous pictures, of course a beautiful bride, was a brill day and glad we got to share it with you both, best wishes for the future.

    Cassie, mat, lexi and jayden xxx

  15. Natalie Strohecker

    The outdoor pics are my fave !!!
    Reminds me of sleeping beauty out in the woods 🙂
    The hall looked fab, everyone looked like they enjoyed themselfs
    Elesha u look stunning and gracefull
    and Dan looked strapping 🙂 x x x

  16. Jane(mother of the bride)

    keep looking at my beautiful golden girl and not forgetting the best son inlaw in the world wish we could do it all again just all love the photo`s xxx

  17. Dan Brannigan

    a message for my beautiful wife. i haven’t the words to describe how gorgeous you looked, you were and are simply stunning. thankfully steve was there to take some top pics and i can relive that great day forever. Lutb. Xx ps i have embraced technology!

  18. Elesha

    Dan – you make me smile, lots! But we all know you stole the show, I’ll let you off as it’s you 🙂 Love you Xx

    Steve – you should feel honoured, think this is only the 2nd time Dan has ’embraced technology’ as he puts it – he must be impressed, and rightly so! x

  19. Dan Brannigan

    i used to be indecisive but now im not so sure! that’s going out to my wonderful wife who knows exactly what im talking about. and anyway stole the show? i find that rather hard to believe. it would of been imposs to steal the show off a such a beautiful bride, not even a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me, could manage that. Xx

  20. DAWN - MOM

    Well, what can one say! it brings tears to the eyes! such a wonderful day, wonderful couple and wonderful photographs! Congratulations to all concerned! I am so proud, cannot be put into words ! I have the best family!

  21. DAWN - MOM

    Congratulations to Mr. Steven Gerrard for a job very well done. Boomshanker!

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