April 8, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Dannii + Colin


This week I was back over in the UK for a wedding on Friday. I now have UK weddings every month of 2015 so I’ll be getting my air miles racking up nicely…

The day after the wedding I hosted a one-to-one workshop and factored in a short portrait session to help demonstrate my shooting style. The lovely Dannii + Colin volunteered their time for the shoot and they were absolute stars!

And it turns out that Colin used to go to school with the groom from Friday’s wedding. Weird coincidence.

So here are a few faves from the shoot. Big thanks to D+C, and to Phil for asking me to do the one-to-one session for him

If you’re interested in a one-to-one workshop, you can find more details HERE

DC-103 DC-105 DC-107 DC-115 DC-120 DC-130 DC-131 DC-134 DC-135 DC-141 DC-143 DC-146 DC-153 DC-1542015-04-08_0001

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  1. Dannii

    We had so much fun 🙂 Thank you Steve and Phil for allowing us to come along and pose for you. You got some great shots, it was professional and we felt so relaxed and at ease with you guys. Big thumbs up!!

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