November 24, 2014 Steve Gerrard

Damien Rice @ Montreal Metropolis


On Friday night I had the privilege of photographing one of my all-time artists. Damien Rice.

I first saw Damien upstairs in the tiny Toucan Club in Cardiff way back in February 2003 (I still have the poster somewhere). We all sat on the floor and he and his band were just mesmerising. I saw him again a few times after that, in bigger and bigger venues, and then he just disappeared.

And then, suddenly he’s back with a new album and making appearances everywhere from Radio 1 to David Letterman. And then he announced this little mini tour which I was pleased to find included Montreal.

You can see my review of the gig at Metropolis on the Montreal Rocks website but here are a few photos from the night. There was no photographers’ pit so I had to squeeze through the packed crowd to get some photos. Then Evelyne and I found a spot to enjoy the whole show. All 3 hours and 28 minutes of it! The longest gig I’ve ever been to. Even beating Pearl Jam.


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