May 17, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Siobhan + Billy – Engagement Shoot


Ok, here’s the thing…. I don’t blog everything. I try to focus mostly on shoots or weddings that have something unique, ones that really fit my brand the best… the kind of shoots I want to do more of.

However, sometimes I do a shoot or a wedding that I love and for one reason or another it slips under the radar and I don’t blog it after it’s been delivered to the clients. I actually have A LOT of weddings I love that I haven’t ever blogged. Some from years ago!

Siobhan and Billy’s wedding did make the blog but I never blogged their engagement session….. til now.

Only took me 3 years!

montreal-engagement-session_0534 montreal-engagement-session_0535 montreal-engagement-session_0536 montreal-engagement-session_0537 montreal-engagement-session_0538

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