May 1, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Kirsty + Adam


Kirsty & Adam get married two months today at Curradine Barns and are already trying to win the Best Clients Ever award!

For their engagement shoot they asked if I’d be up for flying to the south coast of England (Adam has his pilot’s license) to shoot at their favourite beach. I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

On the day we flew as far as Portsmouth and hit low cloud which unfortunately meant turning back but it was fun seeing England’s green & pleasant land from a few thousand feet up. And we still found a great location near the airfield to shoot.

Adam’s stag do involved him being surprised by his friends, flown all the way to Coachella festival in California where everyone had VIP passes for the weekend and the ended up going out to party with Calvin Harris til the early hours. Mental! Unfortunately they opted not to have a photographer there to document it all. Probably wise!

Really looking forward to shooting their wedding in July. I have a feeling it’s gonna be epic…

curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0525 curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0526 curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0527 curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0528 curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0529 curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0530 curradine-barns-wedding-photos_0531

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