October 14, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Claudia + Ben – Cowley Manor Wedding

2013-10-14_0001Claudia & Ben’s wedding was always gonna be epic.

First up, it was held at one of the coolest venue’s we’ve ever been to, Cowley Manor. On top of that, from chatting to Claudia & Ben, I knew the attention to detail was gonna shine. On the day, it was even better than I expected thanks to great weather, one of the best bands we’ve seen at a wedding, the bride drumming with the band (!), a surprise Robbie Williams tribute and a great bunch of guests which included one of our previous wedding couples. But most of all, it was a pleasure just to spend such an amazing day with Claudia & Ben.

Big thanks to Jamie Waters for 2nd shooting this one with me.

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Comments (9)

  1. Awesome stuff dude. Love the bride walking down the stairs with the crystals and that shot of them both with all the lampshades is cool as ferk. Top notch.

  2. Richard Burman

    Simply stunning! Perfect pictures representing the perfect day, Compliments Steve Gerrard & team.

  3. Sophie Myers

    Absolutely beautiful photographs! So classic yet stylish at the same time.
    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Matthews!!
    Love Sophie xxx

  4. Jennifer Muntz

    Wow! Classic yet really contemporary….. amazing moments you will never forget. Xxxx

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