May 23, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Counting Crows @ Montreal Metropolis


August & Everything After is a massive album for me. Every song takes me away back to 1994. A place. A girl.

I’ve seen Counting Crows a few times now and they’re always great live. This time in Montreal they looked like they were having such a good time up on stage. It was their first time in the city for 15 years! We got to shoot the first 3 songs from the pit. Song 3 was Mr Jones.

Then, unusually, we were allowed to shoot the rest of the show from the crowd, meaning we were able to shoot a great mix of images. The lighting was really great too. Almost a dream shoot. Thanks Counting Crows for appreciating photographers. I wish more bands were like that.

Here are a few photos from the show, which I shot for Confront Magazine

montreal-music-photographer_0132 montreal-music-photographer_0133 montreal-music-photographer_0134 montreal-music-photographer_0135 montreal-music-photographer_0136 montreal-music-photographer_0137 montreal-music-photographer_0138 montreal-music-photographer_0139

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