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  1. Pamela Kilbey

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful couple! Captures the love and the sense of fun so well.

  2. Claire Kilbey

    Love the one on the kerb – you’d never guess I’m chortling at Steve nearly being run over by a big 4 by 4 that wanted to park! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos in a few weeks, hope some of my lunging was captured in those too! Thanks Steve for some great photos and totally putting us at our ease.

  3. Steve Kilbey

    Wow! Stunning shots that make the beauty of Claire and John’s love really stand out. Some humourous backgrounds too.

  4. These guys were the coolest to photograph on their wedding day. You look awesome Claire and Jon. I am pretty sure lunging will be in the wedding photographs somewhere as there was a lot going on. lol

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