March 8, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Claire & Ben – Engaged!

Well, actually they’re married now!

Claire & Ben are both from the UK but currently live in Sydney. Don’t hate them though cos they’re both great 🙂

They were back in the UK over Christmas for their wedding on the 27th and had a packed schedule while they were here as you can imagine. We almost didn’t manage to squeeze in their engagement shoot but, in the end, they were able to meet just before Christmas. It was on a day when I’d officially finished for the Christmas break so we did the shoot at the end of the road where we live, and in about 40 minutes, so that our holidays weren’t interrupted too much.

As you can see, snow was thick on the ground but Claire & Ben braved the cold and we got some pretty cool photos from our time together.

Their wedding was amazing and I’ll be posting those photos here very soon…

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