August 12, 2009 alan

Charlie Adam – Blackpool FC

On Monday I was up in the English seaside town of Blackpool, once a major holiday destination in the UK, bt now a shabby, run down and somewhat grim place in the north west of England. I was there to photograph newly signed Blackpool FC midfielder Charlie Adam who has just moved to Blackpool from Rangers and is still house hunting in the area, so we met at his current abode, the Hilton Hotel. To make a day of it, Evelyne and the kids came along for the ride.

Charlie is a super nice guy and spent as much time chatting to the kids as he did having his photo taken.

We grabbed a couple of quick pictures in the hotel lounge and then headed outside to get some cool portraits using Blackpool as our backdrop…

After we left Charlie, the weather quickly started to brighten up and we headed onto the beach in the sunshine with the kids…

My favourite girl 🙂

And even a rare shot of me! Taken by Evelyne.

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  1. Matt T

    Love your stuff Steve, but less of the shabby, run down and grim. Major reinvestment in Blackpool over the last few years, the new prom bits at South Shore are very nice and more to come.

    Charlie Adam is an excellent player, he’s going to be a regular in the Scotland side very soon.

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