November 3, 2014 Steve Gerrard

Fran + Ben – Caswell House Wedding

Caswell House Wedding

As soon as I arrived at Caswell House on the day of Fran & Ben’s wedding I knew I was in for a treat. Such a spectacular venue in the heart of Oxfordshire!

Add to that some perfect weather, an outdoor ceremony, a great group of guests who certainly know how to celebrate, some amazing personalised details, brilliant speeches and a couple who are obviously perfect for each other, and you have all the ingredients for a day to remember.

Thanks to Fran & Ben for having me along to make photos. Big thanks too to Eneka Stewart for 2nd shooting on this one.
Castle House Wedding Photos 2014-11-03_0003 Caswell House Wedding Photography 2014-11-03_0005 2014-11-03_0006 2014-11-03_0007 2014-11-03_0008 2014-11-03_0009 2014-11-03_0010 Weddings at Caswell House Caswell House Wedding Photographers Caswell House Wedding Photographer Caswell House Weddings Caswell House Wedding Pictures Caswell House Wedding Photographers 2014-11-03_0017 2014-11-03_0018 2014-11-03_0019 2014-11-03_0020 2014-11-03_0021 2014-11-03_0022 2014-11-03_0023 2014-11-03_0024 2014-11-03_0025 2014-11-03_0026 2014-11-03_0027 2014-11-03_0028 2014-11-03_0029 2014-11-03_0030 2014-11-03_0031 2014-11-03_0032

One of our favourite wedding videographers, Jeff Wood Visuals, did Fran & Ben’s video. Check it out here:

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