May 21, 2008 alan

Canon 5D MkII – Want One!

Oh no! Something else to steal Steve’s hard-earned cash from him! The new Canon 5D MkII.


Although still a rumour it looks likely this baby will be available this summer with some sexy new features to get yours truly raiding his piggy bank. My main camera is still the Canon 1DS MkII but I’ve been looking to upgrade my 20D which I currently use as a second camera on most shoots. The new 5D is set to be priced between £1750 and £2k but looks worth every penny.

As if that weren’t enough I’ve been eyeing up the Canon 85mm 1.2 lens too. Looks like I’d better get some work done to get some cashola in the bank…

As y’all know I shoot a lot of bands but occasionally I get to photograph gigs which take things to the next level as far as entertainment, crowd involvement and real passion is concerned. And so it was with Canada’s Cancer Bats when they descended on the Birmingham Barfly last week. Singer Liam Cormier spent the whole gig in amongst the crowd, making for an energetic performance as well as some tricky photo situations but I came out unharmed with some great shots. You don’t get images like this with many bands. Check out a full review of the gig at Birmingham Live!


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  1. sacred trails

    So you like comments huh ? Thats good, so do I. Wish I could find the time to update my own blog.

    Anyway, my comment is concerning taking photos in dark venues and what I really want is a recommendation for a good digital SLR camera which is around the £500 range. I shall be aiming to have a go at taking some club shots in the near future, my heavy metal days are over (they were good, Metallica & Iron Maiden live bring back some great memories, but they are over).

    I think you have captured the essence of heavy metal in these ones though. I guess it all boils down to a high ISO number and good shutter speed ?

    I shall look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers Al 🙂

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