March 9, 2007 alan

Business is pleasure

Wednesday evening saw us meeting potential wedding clients and showing samples of products. We’re new to this still so we were both quite nervous but it went really well and the couple seemed really interested. We got on really well with them and I’m sure we can give them exactly what they’re after. We’ll see what happens…

Two nights of DJing at Island means my friday night off was all the sweeter. Both nights had good crowds, especially Thursday night which was a private party with a few people I knew. I’m impressed with any crowd who dance just as enthusiastically to Dire Straits as they do for LCD Soundsystem. Got some random texts from some girl called Gemma who I’m not convinced even knew who she was texting. The messages got progressively more X-rated until I finally had to text back telling her to stop. Very odd.

Thursday day we did a photo shoot at Hotel Du Vin for a city centre florist. It went really well and over around 4 hours we got plenty of photos that the client will be really pleased with (we hope) plus some nice shots to add to the portfolio. We even allowed ourselves to indulge in a couple of glasses of champagne, cos we needed them as props! Evelyne had a couple of sips but, due to her pregnancy, I was kind enough to finish her glass for her.

Popped in to Cloud 9 (the kids clothes shop) while we were in town to pick up a couple of their new brochures, featuring our images. They look great, although the design could still do with improving in my opinion. Also in the shop were copies of the new Live 24-seven magazine featuring another photo from the shoot and a whole page dedicated to our business. Due to my music photography, the mag described me as “former celebrity photographer” which we found hilarious. But why “former”?!

Today we had our 21 week scan and found out the sex of the baby. It’s a boy!!! 🙂 Well, the midwife said she was 95% sure it’s a boy. If it’s a girl, she’ll have a blue nursery and action men dolls to play with! The scan also showed that everything seems to be going well with “Bumpy” who has 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head and no noticeable abnormalities or problems. So now we can start thinking about names. We’d like a name that works well in both English and French. We still have over 4 months to decide though.

So tonight involved chilling out with a beer and catching up on TV with Desperate Housewives, Hotel Babylon and Ugly Betty. Finally, watched a programme showing how the whole global warming panic is a massive over-reaction and that man’s contribution to global warming is very slight and that most climate change is totally natural. It was really interesting but whether it will calm people’s fears is another matter. The point that when CO2 goes up the temperature rises is the wrong way round. It’s more like CO2 rises after global temperatures rise. This then throws the whole human cause out of the window. Fascinating stuff.

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