April 11, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Natasha & Marc – Birmingham University

Natasha & Marc get married next month.

It’s gonna be such a good wedding. Trust me on this one.

They’re such a cool, easy-going couple. I could hang out with them all day.

We did their engagement shoot in and around Birmingham Uni, where they first met.

Oh, and did I mention their wedding is in New York?! 🙂

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  1. Great work as always, Steve.

    My favourite is 5th from bottom with Marc up close & out of focus. Awesome!

    New York eh? Jammy bugger! 😉

  2. Natasha

    Love them! Thanks Steve! Obviously they’re all great but I particularly love the one of Marc alone on the library steps – that’s how gorgeous he is, but doesn’t normally show on camera <3 Little bit disappointed Marc's Zoolander face didn't make the cut! 😉

  3. susan managh

    theses are great pics . would of loved to see my neice and marc get married in new york but the pics will show all

  4. Joan Owen

    Very nice photos, different and some random – poor Marc (Stuart) having his receeders displayed – bet he hadn’t even noticed them, sorry Marc – Aunty Joan xx

  5. Dian Lord

    Fantastic pics!! hope that you both have a really wonderful wedding day and will see you soon, love n hugs xx

  6. Aunty Dawn

    Beautiful photos, captured very naturally the two most natural people I know Soooo In Love! Its wonderful.

  7. F-Lo

    Never came across such pic work, different…and final conclusion … very good!
    NP (aka Blondie)..what can I say?!! You and Marc look absolutely fantastic. 🙂

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