January 7, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Best of 2010 – Wedding Photography

In 2010 we photographed 48 weddings.

To be honest, we enjoyed every one (no, really!) but 48 weddings in 52 weeks is too much. At times we struggled to keep up with the workflow. Almost every couple had an engagement shoot too. Add to that designing albums, selecting images, editing images, blogging… and everything else that goes with running a wedding photography business… and we worked A LOT of hours every week. Having more than one day off in a week felt like a luxury.

Like I said, we enjoyed every wedding. It’s a good job we did too. And getting reactions from couples when they see their wedding photos for the first time makes it all very worthwhile. In 2011 we plan on doing less weddings and I have a feeling we’re going to have another amazing year.

So, this post includes some of my favourite wedding photos from 2010. Many have never been seen before, some not even by the couples yet! I still have quite a few 2010 weddings to blog, but they’ll be going up over the next few weeks so please keep checking back if you want to see what we got up to.

Massive thanks to all the couples who trusted us with documenting such important days for them, from Emma & Wayne on January 2nd to Suzanne & Jonathan on December 30th. We travelled to London, Somerset, Edinburgh, Las Vegas and all over the UK. I never take any of this for granted. I consider myself so lucky to be able to make a living doing something I love. Evelyne & I work very hard to make all this work. I couldn’t do it without her. Just another reason why I love her so much.

Thanks also to all the people who have shot weddings with me, especially Anna, Emma & Bianca. You guys rock!

Hope you enjoy this little “Best of…” I’m excited to see what images we make in 2011…

I could have included so many more but I reckon that’s a pretty good selection.

If you have a minute, I’d love to know which are your faves so please leave me a comment….

Cheers and Happy New Year 🙂


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Comments (20)

  1. Amazing pictures Steve!!!!! My favourite by far is the first image absolutely LOVE IT! I wish you would have shot my wedding. I look forward to seeing your 2011 images.

  2. Well, I have to say that in my opinion it’s hard to beat a Vegas wedding… but they are all beautiful pictures, Steve.

    Particularly amused by some of the 2010 wedding footwear choices on show – converse trainers and wellingtons for starters!

  3. So many brilliant photos Steve and so many great memories for the happy couples! I hope one day you will be my wedding photographer – I just need to find a husband first!! 😉

    Lots of favourites but I particularly like: the silhouette couple with the castle; the couple in the barley field (with great lighting); the couple at night with the light around their profiles; the B&W couple kissing; SJ-460.jpg of the couple dancing; and also the shot of the couple walking towards the sunset!

    Happy new year!

  4. 48 here too mate so I feel your pain !!!

    Great collection with my picks being

    1: that first light shot – cos its mint
    2: the silhouette of the couple and castle – for the drama
    3: the Gerbera’s – royal quirkiness

    Have a great 2011

  5. Great stuff. I particularly like the long exposure images with the light flowing around the happy couples. The silhouette of the couple on the hill with the tower is very striking. It looks very much like Broadway in the Cotswolds.

  6. dave southam

    they are all fantastic steve but in particular i liked the first one, the kids in top hats and converse and the two of the couple in the field at dusk with shadows!
    i think my favourite photo of yours this year isn’t included here, it was of a girl in a metal cage at a castle

  7. Awweeesoommmmmmeeeeee 🙂 I love the reflection one from Julie and Steve’s, and I love the black and white one with the bride in the short dress, it’s really fashion magazine like! xx

  8. amazing stuff all the way – always look forward to seeing your work. Have to say my favourite is the hanging basket image – that really tickles me 🙂

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