September 3, 2007 alan

Been a long time…

After spending a full day shooting Tammy & Dave’s wedding I returned home after midnight with hundreds of jpegs, RAW files and two aching arms! It was another fantastic day though with a great group of people including a couple of wannabe wedding photographers. We always get some nice compliments from the guests about our relaxed and friendly style after which they almost always share their nightmare wedding photographer stories. It’s always encouraging but at the same time these “nightmare wedding photographers” give the whole industry a bad reputation and in these days of cheap but very reliable digital SLRs some people are turning to their mates to capture their big day rather than risking spending a couple of grand on a photographer that doesn’t deliver. That’s where word of mouth comes in to save the quality photographer and I’m happy to see that we’re getting plenty of recommendations already. Today the groom’s sister, Louise, called and wants to meet to discuss her wedding next month! 🙂

I’m somewhat engulfed in weddings at the moment as, when I’m not working, I’m helping Evelyne put the finishing plans in place for our wedding at Polhawn Fort. You can see our little video on YouTube HERE. On Sunday, Tony (my best man) and I went to get fitted for our suits and Evelyne bought some great stuff for the day. I’m not someone who gets dressed up smart too often but I reckon the 2 of us will scrub up nicely on the day. Not that anyone will notice us when the bride arrives!

After getting suited & booted I met up with Amy & Nigel at a bar in town to discuss their wedding next February. It was my first time showing potential clients the gorgeous new sample album and it obviously did the job. They booked us there and then and even wrote the deposit cheque. Result! And another recommendation too.
Evelyne and I celebrated with dinner at the new Nando’s in The Mailbox before popping in to Cloud 9 to say hello to Shanne, the owner. She wants us to shoot the images for their new brochure which we’ll hopefully be doing later this month.

Today has been a day of fighting with my computer as it tries desperately to handle Adobe Lightroom. It’s been so slow recently and, after asking Tony for advice, he kindly directed me to THIS WEBSITE. Cheeky bastard! I’ll forgive him though cos he also found THIS SITE which was far more helpful. I have hundreds of images to plough through at the moment and Lightroom is amazing as long as my computer can keep up with it…

I asked Rock Sound what I needed to do to get to shoot the Led Zeppelin reunion gig coming up in london soon. They said if anyone gets to shoot it for them it’ll probably be me but they think it’ll be a tricky one. I never even imagined the day would arrive when I would be thinking about photographing Led Zep but if I do get to do it I’ll be so in awe I might just stand there and forget to take any photos!
The mag also asked if I could meet up with Himsa on Friday for a photo shoot. They’re supporting As I Lay Dying and it’s gonna be an immense gig so it’ll be cool to meet up with the guys prior to the show. I’m excited to see some really good heavy bands again. It’s been a while…

Our good friend Bianca popped over to see Elliott this evening and even brought her camera. I’ve told her she has to bring it to Cornwall next month. We should have enough great photographers there to get a really good selection of photos for our own wedding album. After paying for the Fort we have no money left for wedding photographers. Oh, the irony…



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