April 18, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Becky & Gary – A Wedding at Hampton Manor

Becky & Gary’s wedding was our last of 2011 and our first at the gorgeous Hampton Manor.

Unfortunately, on the day, the weather was against us. Rain, rain and more rain! It didn’t dampen any spirits whatsoever though and the wedding was amazing. The party was just as good.

Because of the weather, I asked Becky & Gary if they fancied getting back into their outfits the following day when the weather looked better. They agreed and we got some great portraits of them in the grounds of the venue.

Becky used to be wedding coordinator at The Belfry so I was quite honoured she invited me to be her photographer. They also booked our friends Cartoon Kings and Mango to provide the tunes, and the amazing Ben The Cake Man to make another beautiful cake.

Becky looked stunning and Gary scrubbed up nicely (check out that suit!). I was assisted on the day by my good pal, Gobi Jhitta.

Thanks to Becky’s brother, Mike, for providing the fire!

Now for some Fun Booth action…

And the next day… no rain! 🙂

Thanks so much to both Becky & Gary for having us along to photograph such a fun wedding. A great way to end a fantastic year. Cheers!


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Comments (10)

  1. Lee

    Awesome work, love the day after portraits too. Becky looks stunning with her hair down too! 😀

  2. Such a beautiful couple! Love her dress too 🙂 Great job on the “Fire Pic” 🙂 That’s really cool that you guys got to do a Day-After session 🙂 Love all the outdoor shots 🙂

  3. Wow guys.
    From the start, I knew something was different about the shots… then I see Gobinder! Love them all. Well done all-round.

  4. Claire K

    LOVE the fire shots. I do a bit of fire poi and staff myself and am SO tempted to give it a whirl on our wedding day. Might go for the LED poi rather than fire for dress safety reasons though!

    Also, I’ve seen someone learn the hard way just how flammable hair-spray covered hair is…they had “designer stubble” for months afterwards.

  5. Gary

    Steve, Becky and i will be forever thankfull to you and Gobi, for capturing our day in the amazing fasion that you did. The pictures look really alive and help us remember every moment of our most magical day.

    You helped make our day the memorable occasion it was, and what you did for us the day after was such a kind act in coming back and doing the day shoot. Thank you endlessley

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