September 21, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Bear’s Den – Montreal


I’ve been a big fan of Bear’s Den for a while now. Their recent album Red Earth and Pouring Rain has been on repeat here at Gerrard HQ this summer, so I was really looking forward to finally catching them live when they came to Montreal on Monday.

Being from London, the band are getting pretty big in the UK now. They recently sold out the 5000-capacity Brixton Academy in their home town. So the Montreal gig, at the 550-capacity Cafe Campus, was a great opportunity to catch them in a more intimate venue.

And I wasn’t disappointed! The songs I know so well sounded just as good, if not better, in a live environment. The crowd were super-enthusiastic and, after the gig, I got to hang out with the band for a while and even got them to make a little video… see story and clip below 🙂

Can’t wait til November when I get to see them again in Birmingham, England,

You can read Simon Williams’ review of the show HERE ON THE MONTREAL ROCKS SITE but here are a few of my photos from Monday night….

montreal-music-photographer_0662 montreal-music-photographer_0663 montreal-music-photographer_0664 montreal-bears-den_0665 montreal-bears-den_0666

I also need to say how much I loved the support act, Liza Anne. After seeing her I bought her album on vinyl and she kindly signed it for me. A lovely and talented artist you should check out.


So first a little back story…

Antonio and Gemma were guests at Kirsty & Adam’s wedding at Curradine Barns in July. At the wedding they were talking about how they want me to shoot their wedding in Dubai. They’re a lovely, fun-loving couple so I was totally up for it. Just one thing…. Antonio hasn’t actually proposed yet!!

Anyway, it turns out Gemma is a huge Bear’s Den fan. She’s seen them ten times live. So, I thought I’d have a little laugh with them. Check out the video below 🙂

Bear’s Den encouraging Antonio to propose to Gemma from Steve Gerrard on Vimeo.

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