October 20, 2018 Steve Gerrard

Azealia Banks live in Montreal

Azealia Banks live in Montreal

Occasionally, as a photographer, you’ll get a job that’s very last minute. So there I was on a Wednesday afternoon, chilling at home when my phone rings and on the other end is a lady called Connie Diiamond. << That’s a link to her Soundcloud, by the way. That photo at the top of her page is one of mine from this show!

Connie was in Montreal to open for Azealia Banks that night and wanted me to come to the gig and take some photos backstage as well as during her performance. We agreed a price and time to meet and I ended up having a really fun night, even getting to meet Kaytranada who I’m a big fan of.

Once I was at the venue, Azealia Banks also asked if I’d stick around and take photos during her set, which I was more than happy to do.

Here are a few faves from my random Wednesday night…

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Connie Diiamond Montreal

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