January 6, 2009 alan

Aydin Rocks!

Just before Christmas I received an email from Los Angeles. It was from a band manager looking for a photographer to shoot some portraits of a guitarist called Aydin who is hoping to take the leap into the big time and a potential sponsorship with Fender Guitars.

Aydin came to the studio and, after a quick simple portrait against the white studio wall, we headed out into the streets of Digbeth. In just over an hour we got a great collection of varied images and Aydin was super-cool in front of the camera. Here’s just a few of the finished photos…


A little bit of Oasis attitude 🙂

Good luck with everything Aydin. Don’t forget me when you’re famous! 😉

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  1. 2 blogs in one day… how you spoil us. We could get used to this. I love the reflection in the puddle – you’ve got some really cool shots.

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