November 28, 2008 alan

Arriana & Kiri

Winter time tends to see less portrait shoots due to the cold weather but I recently met up with Funbir and Resh to photograph them with their 2 girls, Arriana & Kiri. The girls were fantastic and instantly relaxed in front of the camera. I think I may be Arriana’s new best friend!

We took some more posed shots but my favourites, as usual, were the ones where the kids forgot they were being photographed and just enjoyed being kids.

After a break for pizza we headed outside into the autumn afternoon and added some variety to the shoot.

We’re hoping to do a lot more family portrait shoots in 2009 as part of a major new project (more details here soon).

For the photographers reading this, I normally shoot most of my outdoor kids portraits with my 70-200 IS lens but the focusing broke on the day of the shoot! It’s fine now thanks to ACS¬†who fixed and returned it in 24 hours, but most of the images above were taken with a simple little 50mm 2.5 lens.

Many thanks to Funbir, Resh and the girls for making me so welcome. I’m off to New York tomorrow for my first US wedding shoot. It’s gonna be cold but I can’t wait!

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