October 6, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Architects + Norma Jean & guests – Birmingham Academy 2

This was a gig I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced months ago.

I’m a big fan of Architects and even had one of my portrait shots of them used as a poster in Kerrang! magazine. They’re really nice guys and a whirlwind of energy on stage. But the main reason I was excited for the show was actually their main support band…

Ever since I saw Norma Jean play in Birmingham on their last tour I’ve been a HUGE fan. On record they’re amazing. Live they’re absolutely IMMENSE!

And they never let me down this time. I could watch them every night!

First up were two more fine bands… Lower Than Atlantis and Devil Sold His Soul..

And then…. the ALMIGHTY Norma Jean…

and finally… Architects…

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  1. I really need to know the magic words to make the O2 guys turn a blind eye to my flash. These look ace! Let me know your magic word l please :o)

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