June 22, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Annie & Paul – A Wedding in Warwickshire

Annie & Paul were married last month at Saxon Mill near Warwick.

Their wedding was full of laughter, helped along by their photographer walking backwards into a candelabra and knocking lit candles onto the floor as they walked out from their ceremony! Doh!

For the reception they headed over to the Heart Of England in Meriden where we laughed some more, ate great food with their super-lovely guests, dodged a few showers, made some photos, rocked the Fun Booth and played with a little fire…

Here are some favourites from a fantastic wedding…

Big big thanks to Annie & Paul for having us along to such a fun day and to their guests for making us feel so welcome.

Thanks also to the lovely Gemma for second shooting with me.

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  1. Love these Steve, especially the car roof shot. What a klutz you are for knocking lit candles over! We’ll have to get you a flame retardant suit made up

  2. Ahh maybe the ‘fire’ inspiration for the last shot was because of the near-death experience with the candles earlier!! It was a great wedding, and great shots Steve! 🙂

  3. Annie Dingley

    It’s a shame that the candelabra incident wasn’t on video…would have been a you tube hit I think!!! Love all the photos, they are amazing – thanks Steve and Gemma! x

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