October 19, 2009 alan

Anna & Simon – A Rockin' Engagement Shoot

Here’s one engagement session I’ve been excited to blog!

Anna & Simon get married at the end of November. I’ve known them both as friends for years and Anna is actually my second shooter at most of my weddings these days. After joining me on so many great wedding days I know her own wedding is going to be amazing! Both Anna & Simon are super-cool people and we wanted to try a few new ideas for their engagement shoot, which we actually split into 2 sessions – one in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the other at The Custard Factory in Birmingham where our studio is located.

So first…. Stratford.

Then we stopped on the road out of town as the sun was setting..

A few days later we met up at The Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham to create something just a little different. But first, a disclaimer…

These shots were completely inspired by one of my favourite wedding photographers, Jeff Newsom. The technique used to create them is quite tricky and I’m still trying to play with it and perfect it. All these images are pretty much straight out of the camera. No Photoshop trickery is used. See what you think…

Check back in December for photos from the main event…. Can’t wait!!

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