January 25, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Ani DiFranco @ Birmingham Glee Club

Last night I popped in to Birmingham’s Glee Club to photograph the fantastic Ani DiFranco.

In the days before the gig I’d mentioned to a few people that I was going and I was surprised how many people had never heard of her. For a Grammy Award-winner who has released 20+ albums and is described as a “feminist icon”, I thought she was more famous.

The gig was great but I was very restricted from a photography point of view, only being able to shoot from one side of the stage in a packed out room. I like the images I got but would have liked a little more variety.

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  1. Know and love Ani DiFranco very well as my husband is HUGE fan , he has all her 20+ albums and thanks to your tweet I got tickets and we went to see her at the Sheprds Bush 02 last night. She was fab-we’re both looking forward to her new album. Great to see these pics, fab shots (esp as your felt restricted)

  2. Sara

    Your pics are fab, I was at the gig and could see you shooting away in the corner, I felt kinda bad for you cos I could see your pics would be restricted. They’re fantastic though!

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