July 25, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Amy Winehouse RIP

This weekend the world lost a true talent.

I can’t say I was a massive fan of her music. I did like it though and always knew Amy Winehouse was a gifted and unique singer.

Her music isn’t going anywhere though. Her talent lives on in her songs.

These photos were taken three years ago. I’m glad I got to photograph her and hear her voice live.

Rest in peace now, Amy.

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  1. Barbie

    great work as always, Steve! I agree that she was a truly gifted artist and it is a terrible loss. What a unique voice she had. 🙁

  2. blimey these are really haunting, fab work Mr G…. so sad that she never found peace in her work to give her the strength to live on and live life to the full.

  3. Zoe

    Your photos, and also Jo’s words left me with goose bumps, you really captured her vulnerability in that last shot Steve – so sad.

  4. Find it hard to look at these images without feeling emotional. The look in her eyes in the last photo just makes me want to hold her and say it will be alright, but it wasn’t was it. It’s as if she’s looking right at her demons and conceding that they ‘ve won, RIP troubled soul x

  5. I was touched last night when I went to her website [for the first time] and saw a simple black and white image of her, replete with records and an old record player, staring back at me.


  6. TC

    Hi Steve,

    Great pictures, the black and white picture is very sad to see. She really lost her way. Such a shame.

  7. Great talent superbly captured. As the previous comments have stated, even three years ago she looked on the edge of darkness, and this weekend the darkness took her away. Sad loss and one of music’s unique talents taken far too soon. What is it with the age of Twenty Seven?

  8. Steve,

    Such a touching post. I have shared this on my FB page. I agree the last 2 pictures make you just want to hold her. I hope she finds peace now.

    Thanks for sharing x

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