November 3, 2017 Steve Gerrard

A Wedding in Sainte-Justine, Quebec

saint justine wedding

We are so happy!! We can’t believe how perfectly you captured the day. It’s the next best thing to a time machine. Thank you!!

Lynne & Nick

Since moving to Canada I’ve shot plenty of weddings in hotel ballrooms with purple up-lights and expensive chandeliers. But when I first left England my hope was that I’d eventually book clients that got married in the middle of nowhere, preferably on a lake, surrounded by their favourite people and with the emphasis on having fun rather than the perfect shade of chair covers!

So, I’m very happy to share Lynne & Nick’s amazing wedding in Sainte-Justine, about an hour from Quebec City. The location was a gorgeous house built by Nick’s Grandfather who decided he liked the idea of having a house right on the lake. So he also built the lake! What a legend!

The wedding day was a gorgeous sunny July day filled with emotion and laughter, as you’ll see by the photos, and everyone made me feel more than welcome. Both Lynne and Nick are the kind of people that everyone is instantly drawn to. They are easy-going, fun and never take themselves too seriously. They also like Thai food. No, they LOVE Thai food. And this week Evelyne and I got to share some of that with them in Montreal cos we love Thai food too.

So take a look at their wedding photos below. And hopefully the universe will send more weddings like this my way. I’m really not that impressed by chandeliers!

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