October 22, 2018 Steve Gerrard

A Wedding at the William Gray Hotel

william gray wedding photo

You may or may not remember I recently blogged a wedding at the William Gray Hotel in Old Montreal. It was a fantastic wedding but unusual in that it was on a Monday and was all done and dusted by 6pm.

Francesca & Mike’s wedding was also at the same venue but different in many ways. Theirs was a Saturday (actually my wife, Evelyne’s birthday!) and at 6pm things were only just warming up! This was an epic all-night party with plenty of craziness and freaky dancing from their friends and family. Just how we like it!

Their wedding ceremony was also held in a different room at the William Gray. One similarity was the tricky lighting during the ceremony due to the backlight coming from the windows behind where the couple were stood. It felt like a short ceremony but that meant plenty of time to have fun with their guests and make the most of the day.

There were some hilarious games that everyone got involved with and some great speeches followed by a couple of genuinely emotional dances with their parents.

But ultimately, this wedding was all about having fun with all their favourite people on the planet. And, as you’ll see, these people know how to have a great time!

Great to have the fantastic Tim Chin along for this one too.

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