December 10, 2008 alan

A New York Wedding

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know that last week was one of my busiest weeks ever! It was also one of the best. Three weddings in 5 days including one in Devon, one nearer home at Somerford Hall and my very first New York wedding which was fantastic!

New York is one of my favourite places on Earth. I’ve been there several times over the years and every time is different. So when I was asked to fly over and shoot Steph and Steve’s wedding at the top of the Rockefeller Center I had pretty much booked my flight before they finished the question!

I arrived in New York two days before the wedding day so had time to see some of the city, meet some of my friends who live in the city and immerse myself in the “city that never sleeps”. On the first night we had a surprise planned for the groom too… Steve’s best friend, Andy, had told him that he couldn’t make the wedding due to work commitments, however, Andy was actually booked on the same flight as myself so we met up and, with a little help from the bride, went to a restaurant in Brooklyn to surprise Steve! I love it when a plan comes together and Steve had no idea he was planning the surprise. This is the moment of the great reveal… (Steve’s face stayed like that for the next half an hour!)

The wedding itself happened on the 5 year anniversary of Steve & Steph getting together. It was a small wedding in a big location, and with an incredible backdrop. Here are a few of my fave photos from the wedding day..

This ring belonged to Steph’s grandma.

Steph looked amazing in her 50s-style dress. She chose the colour to match the backdrop of the city.

And the boys looked super-stylish in grey suits.

A lucky dollar…

The couple got plenty of attention when they decided to take the subway to the venue!

Now that’s a great place to marry!

Steph has Marilyn Monroe’s signature tattooed on her foot. How cool is that?!

After the ceremony they headed to Times Square so that the people back home could see them on the the Earth Cam.

And then it was off for a meaty dinner at Tavern On The Green.

One of the best things about this wedding was the day-after shoot. Without any time constraints or guests to to entertain we headed out into the Big Apple to get the couple some images to truly capture the amazing city that Steve & Steph love. First stop, Brooklyn Bridge.

This next photo, ladies, is Carrie Bradshaw’s step from Sex & The City. We had to remove the “No trespassing” chain, grab the picture and run before we got in trouble! 🙂

A quick stop off at Betsy Johnson’s

.. and finally Strawberry Fields and Central Park.

Definitely a wedding to remember. Steve & Steph are one of those couple’s who are so obviously meant to be together. We had a fantastic few days and I’m so grateful they asked me to be there to shoot the wedding for them. This is one album I absolutely can’t wait to see! Cheers guys.

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Comments (22)

  1. Selina Craig

    I have been eagerly anticipating the publication of these pictures. Everything looks absolutely amazing and so ‘Steph’!!

    It’s rare to see a couple so obviously made for each other and so deeply in love and I have no doubt that they will be together forever, not only in this life, but in many lives to come!

    Congratulations both! I wish you a hundred years and more of luck, love and laughter.

    Selina xxx

  2. Charlotte Flood

    These are truly wonderful. I am teary-eyed. Wish I could’ve gone.

    Congratulations, you’re like two lobsters 😉

    Big hugs and kisses xx

  3. Ian

    Congratulations on some truly stunning photographs.You have an eye for seeing a great picture when other phog’s would’nt see one.This is what sets you apart from other wedding photographers [the old man with a tripod]. Thankfully for all the couples you shoot you can make a living out of wedding photography.

  4. Lucy

    Steve, your wedding photos are always truly stunning but even you have surpassed yourself with these. They are so beautiful! you must be so proud of them, Ive told all my freinds and family that they must come and look at these on your blog, there has to be some kind of award you can win for these!?

  5. Kimberley Owen

    Hi Steve, those pics look bloody fabulous.

    A job well done.

    I heart the one at Carrie’s house. xxx

  6. Hey Steve – it was super to meet you – and I loved seeing the after day pictures! I In retrospect, it was a good idea to move the wedding from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Top of the Rock, yes? Closer to the webcam, too – though it looks like you had the Fulton Ferry Landing to yourself – amazing! and I’m glad you made it to the Alice statue as well as Strawberry Fields (what a riot-o-colour at Tavern on the Green – yum). Hugs to Steph and Steve too – xx Mary

  7. Amy

    What a fantastic wedding, the photos are amazing! How did you manage to book the wedding for the top of the rock? I cant find any info anywhere!

  8. ann

    these wedding photos are brilliant! i got married in newyork last year and my photos were terrible! we travelled all the way from ireland to get married in the big apple and wanted our photos to show the fab parts about newyork. not ONE of our pictures look like they were taken in newyork. i wish you were our photographer!

  9. Jen

    I’ve just come across your website, after googling ‘New York Weddings’. These pictures are amazing! The couple look absolutely perfect together! Great job

  10. This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Such a real, and great looking couple. They look so cool, too. Makes me want to have a New York City wedding. The photography sells it all, completely! Awesome work.

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