July 22, 2007 alan

A Monsoon Wedding

Woke up early to prepare for today’s wedding in Stratford Upon Avon with Kieran an Preeti. It’s my first Asian wedding so I’m really looking forward to capturing all the colour and tradition of the ceremony. I’ve been given a long, detailed itinerary so I’ll need to be on my toes all day, especially as Evelyne won’t be with me as she’s staying home to look after Elliott. My good friend Bianca will be on hand in her place though.
So batteries charged, cards formatted, lenses cleaned, everything’s packed. Just need to get myself looking presentable and we’re good to go.
The weather has been horrendous the past few days (actually make that weeks) and rain is forecast for later but I’m hoping it’s not gonna be too much. At the moment the weather is perfect. If only it could stay that way.
The rain has been so consistent recently that my friend Anneliese suggested we call the baby Noah!

If anyone’s feeling a bit down with all this miserable weather, this might cheer you up: Click Here

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