April 10, 2007 alan

A Good Day

As Ice Cube once said… Today was a good day.
Ok, so Mr Cube may have been referencing how none of his home boys got shot in the ‘Hood but in my world a good day involves the following:

1. An unexpected visit from good friends.
2. A confirmed meeting with potential wedding clients.
3. An offer to put 350 of our photography brochures in goodie bags for Harvey Nic’s customers.
4. A Marriot hotel calling to ask if we can meet tomorrow to show some of our wedding photographs.
5. The local paper calling for an interview and photoshoot for an article about my photography.
6. Dinner with Evelyne in the pub.
7. Entries submitted into a photography competition.
8. An email from Bob Dylan’s PR people – “im afraid bob doesn’t allow photographers at his gigs”!
9. An episode of “Life On Mars”, a glass of red wine and bed…

Another image from Sunday’s shoot…
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And one of Unearth…
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